Remote Cases

While we are happy to give complimentary general feline medicine advice to referring vets, we also offer a fee-based comprehensive case review service for clients and patients that are physically unable to attend our referral locations.

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How does a remote case review work?

After the primary vet has arranged for a remote case review, we ask that all clinical history, good quality photographs of any relevant clinical lesions, laboratory results, imaging findings (including high resolution .jpeg or DICOM files of any radiographs or ultrasound images) and details of any current medications are forwarded to us either via email or Dropbox link. A telephone discussion may be required for any further information.

After 1-2 business days a detailed case report will be generated, including further investigation and/or management advice. The report can be forwarded electronically and/or in hard copy and a copy can be sent directly to the client, if requested.

The fee for this service is $130 (including GST) for the initial report and $50-75 for follow-up advice depending on the level of service required. This can be billed to the primary veterinary clinic or paid directly using Paypal.

*Please note due to veterinary board registration requirements, this service is only available to animals located in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland at this stage.

Disclaimer:  While we strive to provide the highest level of care for all of our feline patients, it must be emphasized that a remote case review is not equivalent to a full case referral. Our advice is based on information supplied and any omissions or errors in the information supplied may potentially influence case outcome.

Request a Case Review

I acknowledge that errors in or omissions of information provided may affect the advice given by Melbourne Cat Referrals

I confirm that I have sought consent from the cat's owner for this case review and have explained the limitations of remote case review compared to full case referral


Please contact us if you require further information or would like to send us additional files.